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  In 1956, God's will led my steps at a workshop where I was given the chance to get to know the art which brightens the House of God and to discover the talent that He gracefully had bestowed in me.

Nowadays, as all those years have passed by I'm convinced that that day was blessed, since the charisma I was given is now evident in drawing and creating figure of outstanding Church Art.

I was honoured with the acceptance of many high Priests and people of Art.
I decorated Holly Churches and Holly Pilgrims Cathedrals in both Greek and foreign lands with creations such as chandeliersm, candlesticks, monstrances, etc. from metals, valuable stones and wood.

The presentation of a new chosen works of Art that were chosen will give you the capability to evaluate their quality and for me a chance to thank Him for the joy of creation and all those who have entrusted me with His House.

ECCLESIASTICAL ART AND TYPES - 4 AG. FILOTHEHS ATHENS Tel.: +30 210 3247001    Fax : +30 210 3245623